Every form of communication contributes to defining your company’s image. So don’t take a risk and choose a professional solution. We give your message the precision and impact you need to stay ahead of your competitors. And we’re only truly satisfied if you are enthusiastic about our work!


First and foremost we are specialised in translations from French and English into Dutch. Naturally we strive for formal precision, but we also have an eye for the soul of your text. Via an extensive network of experienced colleagues, we can provide you with impeccable translations in virtually every European language combination.

Copywriting and editing

It isn’t enough to have a good idea or a good product, you also have to sell it. And for that, we have the right words! 
A memorable body text or a catchy headline? An attractive brochure or a sharp slogan? You let us know your ambitions, we find the words that best express them!


We are also the right address for audiovisual translations of business films, documentaries, cinema films, TV series, etc. We deliver to you subtitling files in virtually all of the commonly-used file formats (.pac, .stl, .890,.txt, etc.) and we invest continuously in new technologies. Our objective is quality in word and image!

Proofreading and correction

Good communication doesn’t tolerate mistakes. Our linguists have an eye for the smallest details and skilfully correct every language, spelling or stylistic error. The result is an impeccable text which calls out to be read!